Letter of GENERATION NEXT inspirers

Aliya Narkikbayeva:

Currently we all live in a world, which is being driven by information and therefore, our knowledge has become one of the most important things in our lives. Consequently, the interchange and share of this knowledge is very useful for the present day youth. The idea of Generation Next is to create a platform for sharing our experience and innovative ideas so as to inspire others. It creates a unique opportunity for expressing ourselves, supporting each other and learning something new. Not only is the project dedicated at teenagers, but most importantly, it is being written by teenagers themselves, which also helps the kids to develop their writing skills. Its mission is to help everyone get a new trust in their dreams and achieve their goals.

Aminah Narikbayeva:

I think that the project Generation Next is going to be interesting for everyone, especially for the people of my age. I remember myself taking part in writing the school newspaper, the club, where children could have an experience of being journalist. Kids had to interview teachers and then write articles about them. This project is very similar: the idea is to allow kids to take interviews from people from various different backgrounds. And since I took part in both of these projects I can say that acquiring new knowledge by interviewing other people and writing articles about them is both very entertaining and interesting.


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